If you’re starting a new website, it’s easy to plan the site structure in advance. This step is overlooked by many web designers and webmasters. They tend to focus on the interface aspect of the website without considering the structure. The best way to approach this is to use the ‘ideal structures’ above as your guide and adapt them to your needs. Things you need to keep in mind are: Your website should have a hierarchical structure. The focal point is the home page and then all other pages should be grouped into categories based on their content type. Blog posts should be grouped into blog categories and placed under ‘Blog’. Try to think of the best team on the user’s point of view.

Use categories to group related content

There are some rules to follow when creating categories. Either for the products and services you are offering  WhatsApp Number or for your blog. The first rule is that you NEED to have a category . It makes it easier for users to find the content they are looking for . For search engines to crawl and index a website. Try to keep your categories the same number . If the category is too large because you have many products or blog posts on that topic, try to break them down into two or three categories. Add your categories in your website’s menu and homepage . Don’t try to hide your categories. But make sure your main categories are accessible from the main menu and linked to from the home page. Use categories to create content relevancy . This is true for blogs.

Use breadcrumbs menus

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Breadcrumb menus are important for SEO. Google has repeatedly mentioned the need to have a breadcrumbs BGB Directory menu on all your pages so users can navigate the site easily. When enabling breadcrumbs menus on your site, make sure that: The breadcrumbs menu displays the exact structure of your website. For example, when you enable a breadcrumbs menu on a product page, it will have the following elements: Home >> Products >> Product Categories >> Product Name In other words, the menu will display all levels until you return to the home page.