what we as a society deem normal and I believe even if it’s for a smaller minority, everybody should be able to relate to a model, actor or actress featured in visual media.” Hanna says: “I am a copywriter, which means that I love words. Justine says: Aside from the widening gender pay gap & the often lesser-valued female voice, for me. Ahuge problem is that the foundations of the workday were built according to the masculine biochemical 24-hour schedule. Whereas a man’s energy, motivation & cognitive levels reset each 24 hour period, a woman is taught early on to go against her natural hormonal cycle to fit the male schedule, despite there being 4 distinct phases that can significantly alter these abilities (both positively & negatively) during the month (Forbes, 2018).

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By being allowed to work with, rather than against, their natural 30-day cycle, women could greatly increase their C Level Email List workplace productivity & happiness, reducing burnout and stress.” Tell us about an inspirational female role model? Justine says: “All the women in my life are inspirational to me, from family & close friends to colleagues. I notice a common theme of a combination of proactivity, determination & empathy, which are conducive to achieving great things, whilst also leaving the world and the people around you better than when you found them.” Jade says: “Narrowing it down to just one inspirational female in my life would most certainly be challenging to say the least, but one woman who continues to fight a battle every day is Imogen. Specifically, my partner’s cousin, Imogen lives with a chronic illness that continues to challenge her every day of her life.

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Despite the pain, fatigue, nausea and much more, she will never be overpowered by her body. Her normality is our worst day, but any time I see BGB Directory Imogen. She never fails to reveal her gorgeous smile and is a strong activist herself. Using her illness to raise awareness and challenge social norms.” Hanna says: “Actually, not one but (at least) three women. Audrey Hepburn. Franca Sozzani. My mother. Audrey, for her intelligence, poise and humanitarian work. She had always been an epitome of perfection. Franca, because she transformed Vogue Italia into a masterpiece. Her work reflects all my aspirations – an intersection of fashion, art and a socio-political commentary. And my mum, for her indescribable strength and resilience. She was the one who taught me to how to never take “no” for an answer and how to be unapologetically myself.” Francesco says: “I would like to give a shoutout to all the Women in tech SEO.