However, depending on your type of product or service. You may need to have different versions of your website even for countries that share the same language. You can choose between three main options to have your website in several languages: Add a subdirectory Create a new domain Create subdomain within your main domain Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s examine each one so you can decide. But making your website compete for keywords in other countries is not as simple as adding a new subdomain. You’ll need to reevaluate your keyword research. Prepare content specially tailored to the countries you want to reach. And take care of various technical details that will tell Google that your page is available in other languages.

How to do SEO on multi language sites?

Here are three things you should ask yourself before optimizing your website for other countries. to do international SEO? International SEO is a long and expen Whatapp Number sive task. If you don’t have any sales prospects in other countries. It may not be what your website needs. But if you are here. It is likely that you have already decided to take your website to other countries. In that case, select countries carefully. Trying to make your website successful around the world is a recipe for failure. Almost no company has the resources necessary to cover many countries. Focus on the ones that are most lucrative for your company or you know best. The larger your budget for international SEO. The more countries you can SEO campaign begins with keyword research. If you have already worked on the SEO of your main website.

Analyze your competition to find keywords in other languages

If the country you want to expand to speaks another language, things get a little more complicated. Without knowledge of the other language, it is possible that you translate key BGB Directory words incorrectly or do not understand the users’ intention. To avoid this problem, there are two things you can do along with your keyword research. The first is to review the most relevant keywords for companies in the country. They understand local SEO much better than you will be able to learn on your own in a short time. The second thing is to hire local SEO experts .  Lean on professional translators Taking your website content to other countries is the key to a good international SEO campaign. It is crucial that you maintain the same level of quality and modify the content so that it is specifically aimed at users in the region . But they are still not comparable to translations made by humans. If you want your content to perform as well, you need to hire professional translators.