Create an SEO-friendly permalink structure

IMPORTANT Don’t confuse the logical structure of the site . URLS of category pages and the URLs of single article pages. In the example above, the URL of a blog post might be. Note that the word  cannot be repeated in the (Create an SEO-friendly) of the category for example above. If I leave the full category name, it will be  because this is user-friendly and search engines to help keep your short and precise. Google can understand article categories from sitemaps and menu breadcrumbs.

Pay attention to your internal linking structure

That’s the way to implement your website structure At the beginning of this article, I mentioned that WhatsApp Number search engines in their crawling process start from the home page and follow any links to discover and index other pages from a website. Linking internally to the rest of your pages makes their job easier. When creating internal links, keep these (Create an SEO-friendly) rules in min . This will help crawlers index those pages and give them a good idea of how the pages on your site are related  Identify your most valuable pages  and link to them from other relevant pages on your site.

How to change the site structure of an existing website

Some guidelines to help you: Before changing anything, make sure you have a complete plan in your mind as to what you want to achieve. Don’t just go ahead and create a new category because you realize it’s a good idea but first think about what your overall structure will be and then start making changes. Use 301 redirects in BGB Directory case you are renaming or removing categories or changing URLs. A 301 redirect indicates to search engines that the page’s URL has changed. Search engine crawlers will update their indexes accordingly.

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