The types of e-commerce are a variety of online stallsin the form of websites . You need to know, e-commerce is quite different from the marketplace . This is because the marketplace itself is included in the e-commerce category . Currently, there are lots of e-commerce with various types. As a businessman who is interested in this kind of website , you should be familiar with these types. It’s easy! You just don’t miss the following informative discussion!No need to worry about security! Because e-commerce in the form of a website is equipped with a qualified security system . Regarding this matter, you can handle it independently or by relying on a trusted website creation service .Apart from that, in P2P E-Commerce, business people can take advantage of the analytical features available in it . 

Get to know what e-commerce is

Before we know the types of E-commerce, it would be better for us to know first what is meant by E-commerce. E-commerce is a process of carrying out buying and selling activities where B2C Email List the practice is implemented online via electronic media. It can be said that this is a business transaction that takes place through the internet network. With e-commerce , buying and selling does not take place face to face, but this activity is carried out through online transactions . So, from selecting goods to the payment process, everything is done through cyberspace. Through website media , buyers can obtain their goods practically without having to bother visiting a physical outlet. On the other hand, you as a businessman can operate your business efficiently. Apart from that, you as an MSME activist can save more because your business doesn’t need a real place. 

Types of E-Commerce and Examples

Currently, there are many types of e-commerce scattered around. In Indonesia itself, you can find various businesses that operate through this media. So, what types of e-commerce BGB Directory are available today? Take a peek at the following points and explanations! B2C ( Business to Consumer ) E Commerce This is an abbreviation for business to consumer . In line with its nickname, this type of e-commerce is a regular buying and selling activity between businesses and consumers or customers. The advantages and disadvantages of this type of e-commerce are bridging businesses with individual or group consumers. You can find examples of B2C E-Commerce easily. For example, the marketplaces Shopee and Tokopedia . One of the types of e-commerce is B2B. This is an electronic transaction activity, especially between businesses and other businesses.