Scrolling even further, prospects discover other CTAs that push them closer to making a decision. In a callout box, the school encourages prospects to download a program-centric employment report (primary CTA) and discover what career benefits they can gain from the program (secondary CTA):The strategic placement of these goal-specific CTAs urges prospects to engage with the school and consider the program more deeply. Each CTA serves to push prospects closer to enrollment, giving them the exact information they need in a logical and natural progression. Optimizing your CTAs in this way can ultimately enhance your school’s student recruitment strategy.

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Bonus: Conduct Tests to Determine Your School’s Most Effective Call to ActionTaking the right measures can help you maximize Telegram Number Data your CTAs and generate the best results. However, determining whether or not you’ve got everything set up as best as possible can be a bit tricky. To help your school make the most of its efforts, consider conducting A/B tests. According to research, 60% of companies find A/B testing to be highly valuable for conversion optimization.

The Student Search and Top of the Funnel Marketing Strategies

Through A/B testing, you can compare different versions of your CTA by changing a single variable and showing each version to a similarly BGB Directory  sized audience over a specific period of time. The results should help you identify which element produces better results, giving you the insights you need to create an effective call to action that works best for your school and its audience. You can test different components of a CTA, including the text, design, and placement. Going through this process ensures that the final result is a high-performing CTA that drives student conversions.