Social sharing buttons

If you don’t have them already, please place social sharing buttons above or below each of your posts. I also often have the habit of reading blog posts on many other sites, and I find that many times I read really great content and want to share it, but I realize that blogger doesn’t have a share button. When I noticed this, 90% of the time I finished reading that post I didn’t share. Why? Well, because I’m like every other reader, I’m lazy. In fact, most of us are lazy when it comes to this matter. I always tell you want it to be easy for people to share your content. Make sharing your content easy by placing social sharing buttons above or below your blog posts.

Social network icons

Having social media icons on your blog is important. I see social media accounts as an additional way for readers to connect and stay in touch with you. Let’s say a reader loves your post, isn’t leaving a comment on the blog, but would love to connect on Facebook or Twitter. Maybe they’ll tell you how great your writing is. Allow readers to easily follow you WhatsApp Number outside of your blog by placing social media icons on your website. One tip you should know, make sure your icons open in a new tab or window. That way, readers won’t bounce off your blog when they click on your links.

Email registration form to receive information

A lot of people will say that you have to have a large following or have a product or service to sell before you can set up your email list. I’ll tell you that’s not true. It’s never too early to start collecting emails. If you just started blogging yesterday, you should consider setting up your email list today. You will thank me later that you did this. Here, VietNet used mailchimp as a registration form to receive information via email. Email registration form CONCLUDE The above is a small comment from me, and I find it necessary for any blog in any field. Try to prepare a custom header, an about page with images, social sharing buttons above or below each content, icons connecting to BGB Directory  your social networks, and don’t forget The important thing you need to do is have an email list signup form. These things only need to be done once, so try to do them all!

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