How to improve your website?

ou’re probably here because you have one—or more—websites for your own business, work, or even personal projects. You did the work of setting up the portal: you thought about its concept, the topics you would write about, the images that would go on each page… and you probably hired a web programmer to design it in the best way. However, time has passed, and those three objectives that we mentioned above have not yet been met. You wonder: is there something wrong with my website? How can I improve it?

How do you know that your website is not working as it should?

lthough analyzing the performance of a website has many qualitative elements that are not easily measured, there are aspects that we can evaluate to know if our website is not doing its job in the ideal way. We present some metrics that you should take into account: Low CTR (Click Through Rate or Click Rate): this meter tells the percentage of clicks that a page obtains with respect to its impressions (the times that link appears on a user’s results page). If this metric is very low, it means that your title tag and meta tag are not attracting users’ attention, and, therefore, they are not visiting your page. Bounce rate or high exit rate: this metric reflects the users who leave your portal after only visiting the page you are analyzing. In general, the higher this number, the more users are not interested enough in your site to continue browsing it.

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