Do you know how to use WhatsApp?


How to use WhatsApp? In China, many people have used WeChat to communicate. It is very convenient to communicate with work, but communicating with overseas customers cannot bypass WhatsApp. Maybe many people in China have never heard of WhatsApp. Is there any question about whether WhatsApp can be used in China and how to download and use it? Today I will answer your questions one by one.

WhatsApp number

1. What is whatsapp?

(1) Whatsapp is a communication tool

WhatsApp is a free communication software that can send and receive messages, pictures, audio files and videos to family and friends. WhatsApp is registered based on a mobile phone number. When registering, you need to enter your mobile phone number and accept a verification text message. Then  will search for the people you already use in your mobile contacts and automatically add them to your mobile contact list.

(2) There is no difference between whatsapp and mobile text messages

The core of Whatsapp is a communication tool. It tends to be a “free text messaging” application and weakens social interaction. WhatsApp is deeply integrated with mobile phone address books. Users can use it without registering. The user’s account is the mobile phone number. There is no need to manually add friends or the other party to pass. Agree, after installation, you can send messages to the other party immediately, and the contact name is the name in the mobile phone address book. Users use it no different from traditional WhatsApp Number text messages.

(3) The special functions of WhatsApp are as follows:

No need to log in or out: No need to worry about being forced to log out when logging in from another computer or mobile phone, it is always logged in and connected.

There is no need to add new contacts: contacts in your phonebook will automatically be linked to your WhatsApps Messenger contacts, and your contacts will automatically appear in the favorites menu if you have this software installed.

Offline messages: Even if you turn off your phone or are in an area with no signal. It will automatically store any messages you receive during this period and once you turn on your phone or enter a signal area, it will automatically push offline messages to your phone.

No monthly fees: Once you and your contacts install this software, you can use it to contact each other unlimitedly and send unlimited messages to your friends in a day for free. This software supports 3G / EDGE / Wi-Fi . No international roaming charges. If your friends have this app installed on their Android or Blackberry or iPhone, you can chat with them in other countries and avoid annoying international text messaging charges.

No identification and username: using bgbdirectory this software is like using the text messaging function on a mobile phone.

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