Before delving into the work models and their costs. It must be clarified that the amounts may vary according to the region. Where the SEO consultant or agency is located and their years in the market. Both in Mexico and in any other country in the world. The prices of life, products and services vary by region. Generally speaking, northern Mexico is more expensive. For example Monterrey Mexico City and Tijuana are among the most expensive cities in Mexico. On the other hand the states of Hidalgo, Guanajuato and Veracruz are not usually. Now there are 3 general methods with which SEO agencies in Mexico usually establish the cost of their services.

SEO prices per hour

The established hourly rates usually range from $250 MXN to $2,500 MXN. How does this method work? The person in charge of carrying out the SEO establishes WhatsApp Number the price of each of their hours of work and a list of activities to do. According to that number of pending tasks. An estimate of the hours that the project will take is made. And that number is multiplied by the work price per hour. Pros and cons of hourly SEO pricing Pros Cons It allows you to make adjustments to your budget. It can vary greatly throughout the project. It forces the client and the service provider to have great clarity about the tasks and what they entail. Payment of fees may be unstable. Monthly SEO prices Monthly rates are usually starting at $8,000 MXN. On average, to start seeing tangible and satisfactory results it takes between 4 and 6 months of work, sometimes more. This gives an approximate investment of between $32,000 MXN and $48,000 MXN at least. The cost especially in this modality, will depend a lot on the type of service you hire. Consulting services (which are usually more accessible) are not the same as strategy and execution services. However, this is the most common form of payment for SEO projects in Mexico.


SEO prices per project

SEO rates per project depending on. Its duration and the prestige of the agency or consultant. Start at $40,000 MXN and can reach up to $350,000 MXN. This is a very BGB Directory useful model when there is clarity in. What the client is looking for and what the agency or consultant offers. That is to say the client has tangible and achievable objectives. That they seek to achieve with SEO. The agency or consultant has clear services that fit the needs of the person who hires them. SEO prices per project work thanks to clear goals and time frames previously established by the agency and the client. They are usually calculated taking into account the tasks. The goals and the months. It will take to complete everything. How does this method work? Although it depends on the SEO service provider. There are two common payment methods for these types of projects. In the first, the client makes an initial payment and the rest in installments that are established over the following months. Payments are also usually made 50/50. The first half at the beginning, and the other at the end.