This definition of unemployment only covers Create a professional CV now! cv creator NO cv creator SO Live Career’s online CV creator is a tool where you can quickly create a professional CV and download it as PDF or DOC. Therefore, it is impossible to clearly assess ambition as a negative or positive feature – both from the perspective of how it affects our everyday life and how it is perceiv by others. What is healthy and unhealthy ambition? Taking the above into account, one may be tempt to distinguish ambition into good and bad, or, as we commonly say, healthy and sick.

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Sick ambition occurs when achieving a given goal obscures the values ​​that guide us. Moreover, it is also strongly relat to ego and the desire for recognition, prestige, social position and personal benefits. This attitude can lead to frustration , perfectionism and workaholism – because not every goal we set can be achiev and, realistically, we fail more often than we succe. For the overly ambitious, failure becomes a personal loss and blow, instead of an DB to Data opportunity to learn and draw conclusions. Additionally, sick ambition may contribute to neglecting relationships with lov ones and putting success above the nes of oneself and others, including those relat to physical and mental health.

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Healthy ambition, on the other hand, usually has positive effects – it helps motivate oneself to act and plan and achieve difficult goals, as well as develop, acquire new skills and set challenges for oneself. A good professional summary in your CV can BGB Directory convince the recruiter. You don’t have to reinvent anything: choose a summary written by experts and customize it in the LiveCareer CV creator . cv creator Ambition in career and professional life There is no doubt that well-direct ambition  facilitates professional success. Setting goals and being determin to achieve them will certainly help you develop a fruitful career. Research shows that ambitious people have an easier start on the labor market.