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Your compatibility with the company, not just the job proficiency, will make you an even more attractive candidate. With that comes the opportunity to be awarded a higher salary. Stick to your boundaries When negotiating your salary, you must know what your absolute minimum is. This isn’t just the lowest salary you can afford to take. It means identifying what is important to you in a role to feel respected and valued and what the remuneration package would need to be to assist with that. If you go into negotiations knowing your boundaries, it will make saying “no” to a job easier.

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Tip 6: Demonstrate how you live up to those values  to a company, you must identify how to add that through the role. For example, perhaps “initiative” is something that the company holds in high regard. You DB to Data could use the interview process to highlight how you use your initiative throughout your work. Use examples from previous work experience to demonstrate how you embody the company’s values. Give evidence of projects or situations where you showed those values. For example, if “transparency” is important to the company, you can talk about a time when you owned up to a mistake you made.

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Unfortunately, hiring managers won’t always know what they want from a successful candidate until they have interviewed a few people to compare BGB Directory with. not knowing what is important to a company in regard to the role and, therefore, will struggle to highlight your suitability for it and why you deserve the salary you are requesting. Interviews can be a good opportunity to explore these values more. Ask the interviewers what “successful” looks like in the role or even the characteristics of their top-performing colleagues. This will give you the necessary insight into the traits and behaviors that the company appreciates.

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