Surely you have already convinced yourself that Inbound Marketing is not simply a recent fad, this innovative methodology has quickly positioned itself as the best alternative to generate clients through digital marketing. Remember that those who do not adapt do not survive . What differentiates Inbound Marketing from any other type of marketing is that it has a strategic methodology, not only focused on attracting, but also on converting, closing and delighting. We present the 4 key steps of this methodology. 1.- ATTRACT This stage consists of attracting visitors to your website. Surely you are thinking that your digital strategy is on the right track because you have a considerable amount of traffic. 


Attraction stage we will rely on several digital traffic generating tools

Optimize our website to have better results in search engines (SEO and SEM) Create quality content (whitepaper, videos, infographics, educational and technical content, etc.). Blogging Viralize our content on social networks. 2.- CONVERT Well, now that we have the Phone Number Database desired traffic, we want to convert those visitors into leads. How are we going to achieve it? Offering them something in exchange for providing us with their contact information. Yes, the inbound philosophy is about offering valuable content, before asking, which is why it is so effective. To help you achieve this goal, it is best to use the following tools that will be hosted within your website: Calls to Action Landing Pages Thank You Pages. By publishing frequently on your blog and social networks.

CLOSE Once we have the data of our leads

we have to work on the next step: closing sales. At this time, all the efforts of the sales team must be invested to provide effective segmentation to the previously generated prospects. It is very important to highlight that during the 4 stages mentioned above, both the BGB Directory sales team and the marketing team must work hand in hand towards the same goal: closing the sale. We recommend that you rely on the following solutions: CRM Lead nurturing Mailing Smarketing: alignment of the sales team with the marketing team. 4.- DELIGHT After such meticulous and strategic work, you now have clients; Now the worst thing you could do is neglect them. You probably want to focus on new prospects, but if you forget about this captive niche.