Combination purchase buy it with section

 These linked words and the keywords included by Amazon are relatively sufficient and can bring us enough data to help us analyze keywords. Customers who bought this item also bought section Buyers who bought this item also bought other related products. Compared with placing orders together in combined purchases, the related positions of bought and bought have different purchase timeliness requirements. It is unlikely that you will buy this product this month and another product next month.

Inclusion and ranking

 If the same situation occurs multiple times, it is possible to form related traffic of buying again. Traffic word type analysis Related traffic type analysis Traffic word ranking analysis 1: How to use tools to reverse check the traffic sources of keywords for your own products  Phone Number List and competing products 1. Practical operation of the Seller Elf tool to reverse check and monitor the traffic word rankings. The first tool I recommend to you for anti-checking link traffic keywords is the Seller Elf.

Arelatively comprehensive tool that helps us carry out keyword reverse checking and keyword ranking monitoring. After opening BGB Directory  the homepage, select two traffic reverse checking tools: Seller Wizard keyword ranking reverse checking.

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