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Content writing on the Ahrefs blog. By educating you about the importance and best practices of content writing we hope to increase your awareness interest and demand for our products. Best Practices for Content Writing Everyone has their own opinion on how to write the best content. The best practices I share below are simply those that weve found to be true over the years and have helped us thrive in our content creation efforts. . Use templates You dont have to write content from scratch. Most are divided into several types lists how-tos reviews and more.

You can use them as your base and

 Because of this their templates exist. fill in your research. In fact were using a pretty good template for this post . How do I know which template to use It depends on your goals. But if you want Phone Number List your content to rank high on Google and attract organic traffic choose one that aligns with what searchers are looking for. For example if you search content writing on Google which you probably already have youll see quite a few posts ranking for it. Thats why we chose this anglebecause the top-ranked search results are a good reflection of what users want to see and as a result what Google is most likely to rank.

While a template is enough

Create a solid outline to get you started you may not know exactly what you want to write. For example if we tried to write this essay from beginning to end without fleshing out an outline we BGB Directory would quickly run into writers block. Heres what the post looks like How did we determine which points to include Some of these points are our unique ideas but we also take inspiration from top-notch web pages. More specifically we look for common themes and points across these questions to better understand the questions people want answered and the advice they want. For example using SEO Toolbar s free Pages report we can see some common themes in the subtitles of top pages.

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