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Have you heard about SEO many times, but have no idea what it is and for what purpose it is used. SEO (from English – search engine optimization) is search engine optimization. therefore, of the site, or in simple words, a set of means of increasing the attractiveness of the appearance and improving . The positions of web pages according to the results of ordinary searches. Given the fact that organic search is optimal for discovering and accessing content on. Therefore, the Internet, a successful SEO strategy of site optimization is a necessary component of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website.


Why is SEO important to the overall success of a business

Organic search results: Unpaid and search engine-defined listings on search engine results pages (SEPRs) are the most relevant to user queries. SERPs are dominated by both PPC ad contexts and pay-per-click ads. Unlike regular search results based on advertiser bids, these ads are ranked according to the search engine’s organic ranking algorithms. Thus, you do not have the opportunity to pay for a higher position of your site in the results of a normal search.

Which business owners absolutely need search engine optimization of the site

Promotion of business on the Internet, in particular informational and commercial resources. Therefore, should be accompanied by search engine optimization of the site . Since the need to create organic traffic will become more urgent as the scale of your project increases. SEO specialists will help in bringing it to the site. The flow of potential customers is ensured if the website is placed on the first places in the distribution lists. How does this happen? Entering a query corresponding to your niche of professional activity, the user receives a list of websites. Usually, it will go to the first three links, so the location of your website in the fourth position or below.  Leads to the loss of precious traffic, because it is from requests that web resources receive about 80% of the total number of visits.