On the platform need to follow these dynamics. be a part of conversations in your segment, take followers to your website, and even conduct direct customer service as many users post their They frequently bring complaints and doubts about a product. Netflix is a case for Digital Marketing as they excel on Twitter.

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Participating in conversations and joking with users viewing their catalog. LinkedIn LinkedIn has almost 800 million C Level Contact List active monthly users. Platform for professional connections. For businesses wanting to produce marketing on LinkedIn, it is crucial to understand that people are mainly there for that. It is a great place to attract leads (especially for B2B) or attract the best talent to work with you. Showcase your company, give career tips, feature your team, and show your organizational culture. Prospective clients and approach.Candidates for an open spot. Besides that, you can use LinkedIn Premium’s paid tools, such as Sales Navigator to manage leads or Recruiter, to promote jobs and recruit talent. Amazon, for example, uses LinkedIn to show its backstage, from managing offices to distribution centers. It is a way to humanize the brand and show the values that guide your culture.

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Is the new kid in town, the social network that exploded in popularity in 2020. Boosted by the limitations we had to go through during the BGB Directory  pandemic, the network already has 1 billion active users globally. Those who enter TikTok for the first time quickly realize that the platform is dominated by GenZ, born between 1995 and 2010.