To be successful in SEO today, you need to do more than just SEO. SEO needs the help of social media, content marketing, mobile marketing and all the other tools available in the digital marketing mix . If your strategy is to only focus on SEO, you won’t go long. There is a need to go beyond SEO and create a digital marketing strategy instead of just an SEO strategy. Use traditional SEO techniques to optimize your website and content but for promotional purposes, think outside the box and don’t be afraid to try things. Don’t try to think of ways to get more links but think of ways to get more traffic and the natural links will increase accordingly.

Not using the tag correctly

This is a bit technical but easy to understand. When Google’s crawler is reading a website, it uses several techniques to interpret the content of a page. The Title tag as I mentioned is a great signal, as is the H1 tag . The mistake that many websites make is that in a given page, they use more than one H1 tag. This could be because the website theme is not SEO optimized or the programming is not good, but the bottom line is that this confuses search engine bots. The easiest way to check if your site has this problem is to visit a page on your site and select VIEWSOURCE from the browser menu. This will show you the HTML code of the page and you can then search within the H1 using the FIND menu. If there are more than 2 opening H1 tags (<H1>), then this means you have a problem. In case you have more than H1 tags and don’t know how to fix it, you can ask a programmer to make this change for you.

Not formatting content

This is also a fairly common mistake when you do not pay attention to formatting the content beautifully by using titles (large font size), list formatting, using italics, bold, etc. Not only is this bad for user experience, but it is also something that search engines can understand, and if this is a recurring phenomenon, it will lead to a devaluation of site quality. When you publish text on the website, don’t just paste the text (even if it is unique and original) on the page but try to make the page look good using headings (H2, H3), bold and italics to help users read and interact with the page. Many people think this isn’t important because Google can’t see every single page, but it’s important to them too. In a BGB Directory Google article published in 2011 talking about building high-quality websites , they mentioned that presentation style, quality control, and editing are an important factor when trying to differentiate differentiate between high and low quality websites.