How to optimize Meta Description

You can follow the simple rules below to optimize your meta description: First, make sure they are the right length. Don’t make your description too short or too long. Aim for it to be around 160-200 characters. Second, use the Performance Report available in the new version of Google Search Console and find pages with low CTR (click-through rate). Sign in to your new Google Search Console Click PERFORMANCE to view the Performance Report.


How to write great meta descriptions

Here are the 10 most important guidelines for writing optimized meta descriptions. 1. Meta description length – Keep it under 200 characters As noted above, your meta description  Phone Number Data should be around 160 characters. Try to stay within this range and avoid making your meta descriptions too short or too long. 2. Each page should have a unique meta description Each page and post on your site, including the homepage and category pages, should have a unique meta description. 3. A good description accurately summarizes the page content Meta descriptions should be informative and engaging. Meta descriptions should include all relevant information within the page to help users understand if that particular page is useful and relevant to what they are looking for.

Void letting yourself create meta descriptions


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Some CMS automatically generate a page’s description based on what is written in the first 160 characters of the content. This is a bad practice because you can end up with meta BGB Directory descriptions that don’t make sense. Are sloppy, and aren’t search engine or user friendly. Include keywords in the description I mentioned above. The descriptions don’t have a direct impact on rankings but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use keywords in your descriptions. Keywords, in turn, are highlighted by search engines and make your snippet more relevant to search queries. Avoid general descriptions Approach each page’s description individually and avoid writing generic descriptions that don’t accurately describe what the page is about.

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