SEO beginners also often make mistakes because they are not aware of basic SEO best practices or because they do not understand them properly. SEO is a rapidly changing field, and what worked a few years or months ago may not work today. Therefore, it is important to stay educated and informed about the latest SEO changes. Common SEO mistakes In this post, you’ll read about the 18 most common SEO mistakes to avoid and learn what to do when you encounter them.

Don't use keyword research tools

There is a reality that in my opinion most of you are not correctly assessing, which is the use of keyword research tools to find phrases and groups of phrases and impose them around the content of your website. Friend. This is a very wrong thing in SEO if you abuse it. A keyword research tool like SEMRUSH (Paid) or Google Keywords tool will give you a signal about the queries people enter into the Google Search Box. When it is good practice to include those keywords in the content of your article or page, you make the content more relevant to users and easier to understand for search engines. Instead WhatsApp Number of just insisting on doing one part to provide search engines and forgetting to do the right thing, making users feel happy and satisfied when receiving content from you.

Page titles and descriptions are not unique

This is probably the biggest SEO mistake and although search engines like Google, Bing, etc. have repeatedly emphasized this issue, there are still some webmasters who do not provide unique titles for users. per page. The title of a page is a very important SEO signal. This is what search engines and users read first when they try to understand a page’s content. If you BGB Directory don’t give them a title that makes sense to both (crawlers and users), you’ll minimize your chances of ranking high on Google (and other search engines) and Additionally, you also cause visitors to leave your website.